• 60 to 120 minute, fire resistive, aluminum clad framing system for multi-story spans of glass tested to ASTM E-119, which limits the temperature rise to 250 F above ambient on the non-fire side.
  • Ideal for property line and wildfire/urban interface situations.
  • Offered in standard and custom finishes including high performance fluoropolymer finishes by PPG, clear anodized, bronze anodized, black anodized, Decoral®, any species of wood veneer, ornamental metal, and more.

For testing information on the 250CW Series (2-1/2" Profile), please contact us.

300CW/400CW/500CW Series
SAFTIfire CW Fire Resistive Curtain Wall
Available profiles:
3” 300CW Series
4-1/8” 400CW Series
5” 500CW Series
  Standard Option
Application Exterior  
Profile 300CW (3” Profile)  
Fire Rating 60-120 minutes  
Glazing SuperLite II-XL
SuperLite II-XL IGU
Finish Powder coated or Clear anodized Includes decorative wood, ornamental metal, bronze anodized, black anodized, Decoral, etc.  Call the manufacturer for more details.
Custom Glazing Options   Includes laminated, insulated, energy performance, tinted, patterned, mirrored, reflective, sandblasted, decorative and more. Call the manufacturer for more details.