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Introducing SuperLite II-XLM

SAFTI FIRST introduces SuperLite II-XLM, a fire resistive multilaminate glass product for 45-120 minute applications with hose stream. SuperLite II-XLM is available in clear, butt-glazed wall assemblies up to 2 hours without vertical mullions or spaces for ultimate transparency.

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FULL STORY: Clear Danger

It’s referred to as safety glass – but some experts say it’s anything but.

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2 hour elevator enclosure segmented wall

Fire Rated Glass Walls at Porsche Design Tower

SAFTI FIRST supplied SuperLite II-XL 120 in GPX Architectural Series Framing for the segmented wall enclosing the elevator and the transparent walls separating the garage and living space in all the units.

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Fire Resistive vs. Fire Protective Glazing

How does fire resistive glazing compare with fire protective glazing in blocking radiant heat? This video shows a comparision test showing the effects of radiant heat on both types of glazing.

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Can you feel the heat?

Learn how SuperLite I-XL protects against radiant heat

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The Dangers of Wired Glass

CBS News report on injuries caused by unsafe traditional wired glass

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Traditional Wired Glass is Not Safe

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AHJ Approval for SuperLite I-XL

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What the Hose Stream Test is Not

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Radiant Heat – The Invisible Killer

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A Fire and Impact Case Study

A San Francsico school takes steps to safeguard its students from the dangers of wired glass.

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Clear Solutions

View our complete line of SuperLite and PYRAN Platinum fire rated glass products.

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What’s Fire Rated Glass

Learn the difference between fire protective vs. fire resistive glazing in this short video.

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GPX System Installation Instructions

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GPX System Description

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