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Best 45: Clear

Are you looking for fire rated glass without any amber tints?

has the solution!

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All ceramics - whether marketed as premium, polished or HD (high definition) - will never have the same tint-free and superior optical clarity that you get with clear tempered glass.

So buy clear tempered glass, not ceramic. Choose , the CLEAREST AND BEST PERFORMING solution for all 45 minute doors, windows, aluminum and hollow metal applications.

  1. Complies with federal and state projects that require or prefer USA-made products.
  2. Proudly made in the USA with fast lead times and competitive pricing.
  3. Superior optical clarity without amber tints typical of fire rated ceramics
  4. Has the largest clear view area for all 45 minute applications at 4,952 square inches
  5. Has the highest STC rating of for all 45 minute applications at 40 STC
  6. Meets ASTM E-119 and protects people and property from dangerous radiant heat
  7. Tested, listed and labeled by both UL and WHI with hose stream
  8. Has the strength to tempered glass to meets CPSC Cat. II impact safety without the need for films or laminates like ceramics. Highly resistant to glass breakage compared to brittle and fragile ceramics, effective minimizing glass replacement due to breakage over time
  9. Does not have any of the sprinkler restrictions
  10. Highly versatile and available in virtually any glass make up including insulated, ballistic, attack, blast, hurricane, decorative, and more.