Case STudies

See how architects and building teams have utilized our advanced, USA-made fire rated glass and framing products to bring vision, light and transparency to their projects while meeting the most stringent fire rated code requirements. 

Fire Rated Glass Elevates Stairwell Design at Purdue University
Project: Purdue University Dudley and Lambertus Halls in West Lafayette, IN Architect: BSA LifeStructures Construction Manager: Shiel Sexton Glazier: Central Indiana Glass Products used: SuperLite® II-XL 90 in GPX® Builders Series Temperature Rise Doors with Aluminum Clad and SuperLite® II-XL 120 in GPX® Architectural Series Fire Resistive Framing In the 2023 US News & World...
Fire and Hurricane Rated SuperLite II-XL in GPX Hurricane Framing – Exterior, SuperLite II-XL in GPX Architectural Series Framing – Interior, 1- and 2-hour locations
Glazing Offers a Fire and Hurricane Rated Solution for US Veterans
The new Orlando VA Medical Center needed glazing that would not only provide light and transparency, but fire and hurricane protection and improved energy performance. SuperLite II-XL in GPX Hurricane Framing from SAFTI FIRST was installed in exterior fire-rated locations that were exposed to the elements. These assemblies were rigorously tested and certified for fire and radiant heat protection for up to two hours, large missile impact, air and water infiltration, and cyclic wind loading.
Fire & Hurricane rated SuperLite ll-XL 90 (doors) & 120 (wall) in GPX Hurricane Framing
Florida Condos Install Fire and Hurricane Rated Glass Wall Assemblies
SAFTI FIRST developed, engineered and successfully tested the first-ever fire and hurricane rated assembly for the Las Olas Beach Club and Condominium, a luxurious multi-family residence in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The architect wanted to design the units with as much glazing as possible so residents can enjoy views of the surrounding area from their homes.
SuperLite ll-XL 120 IGU in GPX Curtain Wall Framing
Fire Rated Glazing Adds Visual Appeal to Parking Garages
Codes required fire wall separations between parking garages and businesses, markets, homes and other uses. Architects can replace entire walls with glass to open up buildings like never before. For example, SuperLite II-XL in GPX Framing by SAFTI FIRST is a USA-made fire resistive transparent wall system that blocks radiant heat and meets the same stringent ASTM E-119/ UL 263/ NFPA 251 code requirements that any opaque fire rated wall must meet.
SuperLite ll-XL 60 insulated with Solarban 70XL in GPX Curtain Wall Framing
Boston Building Protects Property Line with Fire Resistive Curtain Wall
The west-facing elevation of The Kensington in Boston, MA, was in close proximity to the property line, prompting the building official to require part of the curtain wall had to meet ASTM E-119/NFPA 251/UL263 for 60 minutes. SAFTI FIRST supplied SuperLite II-XL 60 insulated with Solarban 70XL in GPX Curtain Wall Framing in a continuous span from the seventh to the tenth floors.
NFRC Certified SuperLite ll-XL 45 IGU in GPX Architectural Series Framing
San Diego Highrise Uses Fire Rated Glass on South Facade
Because the Sapphire Towers' south facing elevation was in close proximity to the adjacent property, code regulations required the south façade to either be solid, which was contrary to the design, or to have openings with a minimum fire protection of 45 minutes. SAFTI FIRST engineered a system that met the uniform design demands and performance requirements for the windows and balconies in all 32 floors in the south-facing elevation.
SuperLite ll-XL 120 IGU in GPX Curtain Wall Framing
Fire Resistive Curtain Wall at NYC Midtown Community Court
The 1890s-era Midtown Community Court in New York City—a New York Historic Landmark—is currently undergoing a five year, $18 million renovation that includes a 9,650-square-foot addition for a new elevator, lobby and stairwell featuring fire resistive glass and curtain wall. The system consists of SAFTI FIRST’s SuperLite II-XL 120 IGU in GPX Curtain Wall System.
Cincinnati Art Museum Renovation Features Transparent Stairwell
When the Cincinnati Art Museum embarked on an $11 million renovation, the architects wanted the entrance and main stair to be as inviting as possible. Transparent, fire rated glazing from SAFTI FIRST was a key component of the design solution. To maximize the vision area in door itself, SuperLite II-XL 60 in GPX Builders Series Temperature Rise full-lite doors. In some of the stairwell doors in less prominent locations, SAFTI FIRST provided SuperLite X-90 for the vision panels under 100 sq. inches.