SAFTI FIRST Code Considerations Quarterly
Building With Glass in Hurricane Prone Zones
Code Considerations #11 June 2014

The hurricane season starts this month. While tropical cyclones and storms are not new, the widespread and increasing amounts of destruction and monetary damages they cause are alarming. These storms can and have hit cities and towns stretching from the Texas Gulf Coast to the Northern Atlantic States, as well as in Hawaii and American island territories. Four out of five of the costliest U.S. hurricanes landed in this century. Building codes have adopted standards that ensure the integrity of the building envelope during large storms. Glazing innovations, like the SAFTI fire Hurricane system, meet both fire resistive and hurricane impact requirements, and can be used without the need for duplicative systems such as hurricane shutters or side-by-side glazing assemblies.

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Las Olas Beach Club
Case Study:
Las Olas Beach Club
In 2006, SAFTI FIRST was the first company to introduce a complete fire resistive and hurricane rated wall and door assembly up to 2 hours.
Orlando VA Med Center
Case Study:
Orlando VA Medical Center
The new Orlando VA Medical Center needed glazing that would not only provide light and transparency, but fire and hurricane protection and improved energy performance.
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Codes Protect Buildings From Hurricane Winds and Wind-Borne Debris
There’s a patchwork of codes and test standards in effect today in hurricane prone regions. The first glazing, hurricane-impact standards were adopted in Florida’s Dade, Broward and Monroe counties (1992), by the Texas Department of Insurance (1998) for 14 Texan Gulf communities, the state of Florida (2001), and the 2003 IBC. The 2006, 2009 and 2012 IBCs progressively enhanced hurricane zone requirements, and current codes and standards generally require that the building envelope be designed to resist impact from flying debris and cyclic, fluctuating pressures.  Read more...

SAFTI fire Hurricane System Meets Codes
In 2006, SAFTI FIRST was the first company to introduce a complete fire resistive and hurricane rated wall and door assembly up to 2 hours. The SAFTI fire Hurricane system has a maximum design load of +/- 80 psf, complies with Florida’s HVHZ testing standards, has Florida Product Approvals for 60 to 120 minute wall/window assemblies (FL 16382), 60 and 90 minute single and pair doors (FL 1688), and meets ASTM E 1886, ASTM E 1996, TAS 201, 202 and 203 standards. This system has also been tested to Miami Dade standards and is UL listed for Wind-Resistant Building Components (R25144). Read more...