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Code Considerations #13 December 2014
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It’s an unfortunate sign of the times. Increasingly, architects need to incorporate measures to deter, delay and protect people and property from human aggressors. Fortification of buildings once appealed largely to the State Department, the DoD and prisons, but that is no longer the case. Today, interest in built-in security has expanded to schools, offices, local government facilities, courthouses, storefronts, airports, and homes. New glazing and framing systems offer helpful, attractive tools that can meet security, fire protection and energy efficiency needs all at the same time.

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Security Series

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Glazing Assemblies Tested to Resist Forced Entry, Bullets, Blasts and Radiant Heat
VA Primary Care Annex
Security glazing is not yet mandated by the model building codes. Instead, there is a tapestry of security glazing test standards that have evolved over time. Assemblies are tested to standards in three categories: forced entry, ballistic, and blast. Innovations by glazing manufacturers have produced glazing assembly options that not only resist forced entry, bullets, or blasts, but also protect buildings and occupants from fire, radiant heat and impact while providing aesthetic and environmental benefits associated with the use of glass.  Read more...

Case Study: Fire & Security Glazing Used in New Orleans Detention Center
Plaquemines Parish Detention Center
Plaquemines Parish Deten- tion Center was one of the major structures devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In rebuilding, designers L. R. Kimball reached out to SAFTI FIRST for fire and security rated glazing options. They wanted the glazing system to provide clear, wire-free lines of sight for supervisors to observe the inmates while still providing secure separation, physical containment and protection against forced entry and ballistic attack. And, because the glazing was in located in paths of egress and control rooms, the assemblies had to be fire resistive. Read more...