Maximizing Glass and Fire Safety in Schools

Fire Rated Glazing in School Settings

Using glass in schools increases visibility, natural light, security, and morale. But, what if the glass is in a fire wall, exit, or fire barrier? The codes restrict the type and size of glazing in these applications. Fortunately, there is almost always a fire rated glazing product that satisfies both code and design requirements. Read more…

FAQs on Fire Rated Glazing and Framing

The 2012 IBC contains a set of new Chapter 7 tables that simplify and clarify limits on types and sizes of glazing in areas where stopping the spread of fire and radiant heat are crucial. Read FAQs from architects and others who have attended SAFTIFIRST’s free AIA accredited webinar. Read more…

Case Study: David Eccles School of Business

The new David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah includes a 28′ x 18′ 2-hr interior glass wall with a 90 min full vision door in an exit enclosure/ stairwell. SAFTIFIRST provided SuperLite II-XL in GPX framing that meets ASTM E-119 for up to 2 hours. Read more