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NFPA 80 Considers Annex Note to Clear Up Framing Confusion

NFPA 80 Annex Note Draft Addresses Framing

Fire-resistive glass and frame assemblies provide a radiant heat barrier that ensures the safe evacuation of the building, protects fire-fighters while they do their job, and reduces losses suffered by building owners. Since the codes can lead to confusion which often results in insufficiently safe framing assemblies, a proposed NFPA 80 annex note works to clarify situations where fire-resistive framing must be used, and fire protective framing, like standard hollow metal framing, cannot be used.

Combining non-fire resistive framing products with fire-resistive glazing downgrades the entire assembly. Examples abound where the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) has ordered the removal of non-compliant assemblies. The proposed NFPA 80 annex note offers guidance about where fire resistive framing tested to ASTM E-119 should be used. Read more…

Case Study: Cincinnati Art Museum

When the Cincinnati Art Museum embarked on an $11M renovation, the architects wanted the entrance and main stair to be as inviting as possible. The designers selected fire-resistive assemblies from SAFTIFIRST that provided large door vision areas and visual access deeper into the building, which helped the project acheive LEED Gold Rating. β€œAn opaque material would not have enhanced the quality of the entry space like glass would,” explained project architect Mark Stedtefeld of Emersion Design. Read more…