SAFTI FIRST® Video on Impact Safety and Radiant Heat Protection

ByDiana S
| May 5, 2008

SAFTI FIRST® releases “A Fire and Impact Safety Case Study” video.

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“A Fire & Impact Safety Case Study” DVD documents how a San Francisco school safeguards students from unsafe wired glass and dangerous radiant heat.

SAN FRANCISCO (May 5, 2008) SAFTI FIRST®, a leading manufacturer of fire rated glazing and framing, recently completed “A Fire and Impact Safety Case Study,” a DVD documentary created to help construction professionals, facilities managers, and school administrators make informed decisions regarding safety and fire protection. The program exposes the dangers of using traditional wired glass in doors, sidelites, and other high traffic areas and explains the need for radiant heat protection in facilitating safe egress.  The program also highlights newest code developments relating to the use of fire rated glazing and the latest information on products that reduce the risk of injuries and protect schools and other facilities from potential liabilities.  When the National Center for International Schools in San Francisco decided to eliminate the danger of accidental impact with the unsafe wired glass, they chose clear, CPSC Cat. II fire rated glazing products.

“To this day, there is still a misconception that traditional wired glass is safe because the embedded wires give the impression that it is strong,” says William O’Keeffe, President and CEO of SAFTI FIRST®. “But in reality, it is weaker than annealed glass. When broken, the wires and shards of glass trap the limbs of those unfortunate enough to penetrate it.” Since traditional wired glass is the most commonly used fire rated glazing product in schools, children sustain the majority of these injuries. In addition, traditional wired glass does not protect against the devastating effects of radiant heat, which can seriously injure occupants before they even have the opportunity to exit the building.

The codes have also updated the requirements for safety glazing.  In the 2003 IBC, wired glass meeting the lesser ANSI Z97.1 safety standard was given an exemption and allowed for use in non-Group E occupancies (see Section 24061.2 in the 2003 IBC).  When the 2006 IBC was released, this exemption was removed.   In effect, all glazing located in hazardous locations must now meet the more stringent CPSC Cat. I or Cat. II federal safety standard for all new construction and for all types of occupancies.

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Founded in 1982, SAFTI FIRST® Fire Rated Glazing Solutions ( has been serving the architectural and building communities and the recognized leader in manufacturing fire rated glass and framing for over 25 years.  As the premier source for fire-rated glazing, SAFTI FIRST® was the first to introduce transparent fire rated walls to the U.S. market. Our SuperLite™ product line, fire rated from 20 minutes to three hours, includes fire-retardant filled glass units, safety ceramics, safety wired glass and SuperLite I-XL, a patented breakthrough fire protective  product that significantly reduces radiant heat transfer (AHJ approval necessary in some areas).  SuperLite™ products can protect against noise, attack, impact, bullets, blast, hurricane and UV rays and is available in any custom architectural make-up, including enhanced energy performance.  SAFTIfire GPX Framing is fire rated from 20 minutes to 2 hours.  Our products are manufactured in the U.S. with fast lead times.  For more information, call 888.653.3333.

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