Product Category | 90-minute

GPX® Architectural Series Fire Resistive

Fire resistive aluminum framing system up to 2 hours with narrow profiles and uniform sightlines.  For interior and exterior use.

SuperLite® II-XLS 45 – 120

45 minute, CPSC Cat. II, ASTM E119 tested, clear transparent wall glazing that blocks radiant heat transfer and meets forced entry requirements.

SuperLite® X-45/60/90

Clear, economical glazing for 45, 60 and 90 minute door vision lites

GPX® Builders Series Temperature Rise

60 and 90 minute full vision temperature rise doors with heights up to 10 feet. Available in standard and narrow profiles and standard and custom finishes including aluminum clad and stainless steel clad. For interior and exterior applications.

GPX® Ballistic Series

fire resistive, ballistic rated aluminum framing system up to 2 hours. Meets up to UL 752 Level 8 ballistic requirements. For interior and exterior use.

GPX® Hurricane

fire resistive, hurricane rated aluminum framing system up to 2 hours. Has FL Product Approval for High Velocity Hurricane Zones and TX Department of Insurance Approval for Inland 1 and Seaward Zones.

SuperLite® II-XL 90

clear, fire resistive glazing for full vision 90 minute temperature rise doors. Available in large sizes and low-iron make-ups.