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60-120 Minute Fire Resistive Floor System



Contains smoke, flames and blocks the passage of radiant heat.

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Product Advantages

  • Largest tested and listed individual glass panel sizes to maximize the amount of daylight penetrating between floors while meeting fire rated requirements.
  • Maximum individual panel area of 7,017.3 sq. in. (82-3/8 in. x 85-3/16 in.) fully supported and 4,763.9 sq. in. (67-7/8 in. x 70-3/16 in.) butt-glazed for 1 hour floor assemblies.
  • Maximum individual panel area of 7,179.9 sq. in. (96-3/8 in. x 74-1/2 in.) fully supported and butt-glazed for 2 hour floor assemblies.
  • Single glass unit comprised of custom SuperLite® II-XL combined with a tempered laminated walking surface and a structural steel framing grid.  Both the glass unit and structural steel framing grid are manufactured and provided by SAFTI FIRST®.
  • Meets ASTM E119 / UL 263 / CAN/ULC S101 and blocks smoke, flames and radiant heat up to 2 hours.
  • Available with a durable, non-slip walking surface with loads up to 100 psf.
  • Modular system with a top-loaded design for easy installation.
  • Can be used in interior and exterior applications.
  • Available in multiple frame finishes and glass make-ups.
  • US Pat. No. 9,926,709.
  • Standard 5 year limited warranty.
  • USA manufactured for fast lead times and competitive pricing.

maximum sizes


Fire RatingApplicationMax. AreaMax. Width Max. Length
60 minutesFully Supported7,017.3 in.²
(4.53 m²)
82-3/8 in.
(2.09 m)
85-3/16 in.
(2.16 m)
60 minutesButt-Glazed 4,763.9 in.²
(3.07 m²)
67-7/8 in.
(1.72 m)
70-3/16 in.
(1.78 m)
120 minutes Fully Supported7,179.9 in.²
(4.63 m²)
96-3/8 in.
(2.45 m)
74-1/2 in.
(1.89 m)
120 minutes Butt-Glazed 7,179.9 in.²
(4.63 m²)
96-3/8 in.
(2.45 m)
74-1/2 in.
(1.89 m)


Fire Rating Application Max. AreaMax. WidthMax. Length
60 minutes Fully Supported 5,889.6 in.²
(3.79 m²)
78 in.
(1.98 m)
78 in.
(1.98 m)
60 minutes Butt-Glazed 5,889.6 in.²
(3.79 m²)
78 in.
(1.98 m)
78 in.
(1.98 m)

Product Specifications

Thickness 4-3/16 in. for 60 minutes with load bearing
5-3/16 in. for 120 minutes with load bearing
3-3/16 in. or 41/16 in. or 4-13/16 in. for 60 minutes with non-load bearing
Weight Approximately 40 lbs. / sq. ft. for 60 minutes with load bearing
Approximately 51.6 lbs. / sq. ft. for 120 minutes with load bearing
Fire Rating 60-120 minutes for load bearing
60 minutes for non-load bearing
Application Floors
Load Up to 100 psf. for load bearing

listings and standards

GPX® FireFloor System is listed and labeled by Underwriters Laboratories and Intertek, nationally recognized testing laboratories approved by OSHA.


  • Intertek: 39381
  • UL: C904; C905


  • ASTM E119
  • UL 263
  • CAN/ULC S101
SuperLite® II-XLF

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Learn more about fire rated glass and framing through our case studies. We highlight innovative design applications in real-world settings and show how architects continue to push the boundaries of what fire rated glass and framing can do.

Fire Resistive Glass Floors Make a Dramatic Statement in Nashville’s Historic Neighborhood

SAFTI FIRST® became aware of the new 21c Museum Hotel project when the design team called looking for an economical option for a unique fire rated application for a boutique hotel in Nashville’s historical Printers Alley neighborhood. The design featured a glass floor on the 2nd level that would also act as a light well. In order to comply with fire rated code requirements, the transparent floor needed to meet a 1-hour fire resistive rating.

Beautiful 2-Hour Glass Floor Brings Light and Protection to San Francisco’s Union Square Station

SAFTI FIRST® provided a unique, artistic 2-hour fire resistive glass floor to the new Union Square Station in San Francisco. This glass floor acts as a lightwell and designed to improve wayfinding by welcoming commuters into the concourse level while meeting all the fire rated code requirements. Because SAFTI FIRST®’s products are proudly USA-made, it met the Buy America requirements of the project as well.