SAFTI FIRST’s Approach to Fire Rated Glazing Innovation
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SAFTI FIRST’s Approach to Fire Rated Glazing Innovation

| May 28, 2024

Research and development drives innovation in any industry, but it is especially critical when it comes to a life safety product like fire rated glass and framing.  It ensures these products don’t just meet the minimum requirements, but goes above and beyond in protecting people and property.   

Whenever SAFTI FIRST embarks on launching a new product, the intention is always the same – create a revolutionary, game-changing product that delivers the greatest design flexibility and customer satisfaction while meeting the most stringent fire and safety code requirements.    

How do we do this?  We play into our strength as the only vertically integrated, single-source, USA-manufacturer of fire rated glazing, framing, entrances, walls and floors.  We specialize in assemblies, not components; we design to meet US requirements; and we continue to expand our product offerings.   

Assemblies vs. Components  

We specialize in complete fire rated assemblies, with the glass, framing and other components designed and tested together to ensure their performance under the most stressful conditions.  This is especially important when testing 1 and 2 hour assemblies including doors, openings and framing meeting ASTM E-119 or UL 263.  Following a successful test, the lab will issue a specific design listing for the entire assembly, outlining the information on all the components that were tested. 

SAFTI FIRST develops products specific to the US market and manufactures complete fire rated glass door, wall and floor assemblies from its state-of-the-art facility in Merced, CA.  

The fact that SAFTI FIRST’s products are developed by one manufacturer specifically for the US market is what sets us apart from other manufacturers that supply separate components.  In all likelihood, their glass, framing and other components are from different manufacturers and most likely imported.  The specifications may indicate that they’re all from one manufacturer in the US.  However, the origin of the components would tell a different story.  

US vs. European Listings        

It is also a good practice to determine if the components have been tested to acceptable US standards – ASTM E-119 or UL 263 for walls and floors, NFPA 252 or UL 10C for doors and NFPA 257 or UL 9 for openings – as most foreign ratings do not equal US standards, specifically the hose stream test.   

Product Expansion Through R&D 

SAFTI FIRST has a dedicated R&D team with in-house testing facilities.  This process may take months, or even years, to result in major breakthroughs.  In the last decade alone, SAFTI FIRST has launched several breakthrough products – SuperLite II-XLB, which has the largest clear views for 1-2 hour fire resistive, captured or butt-glazed walls; GPX FireFloor, which has the largest clear views for 1-2 hour fire resistive floors; and patented SuperClear 45-HS and SuperClear 45-HS-LI, the only monolithic fire protective glass product that meets all fire, hose stream, and safety without wires, tints or laminates.   All of these products are USA-made and have had an immediate impact on the industry – and continue to do so.   

Our investment in a Pujol 100+ complete laminating line expands our product offerings to include security glazing, switchable glass, art glass and other high performance laminated glass.   

SAFTI FIRST has invested in manufacturing capabilities using a fully-automated Pujol 100+ complete laminated glass line to provide ballistic, bomb blast, hurricane, detention, security, forced entry, and more.  We are also looking into switchable glass, art glass, bird-friendly, and other high performance laminated glass products.  These products can be supplied on their own or combined with our existing fire rated product offerings.  

SAFTI FIRST’s R&D endeavors are never ending.  For every new product that we plan to launch, we have 10 more we are working on. This unwavering pursuit of innovation underscores our commitment as a USA-manufacturer dedicated to delivering revolutionary glazing products that prioritize life safety while meeting the evolving needs of the industry.