US Patent for SuperLite I-W, Safety Wired Glass

SAFTI FIRST, a leading manufacturer of fire rated glazing and framing products, has a United States Patent for SuperLite I-W.  This patent covers any filming of wired glass, either applied at the manufacturing plant or in the field, to create a fire and impact safety rated product.  SuperLite I-W is the first

Unlimited Design Freedom with Fire Rated Art Glass

Fire rated, artistic, transparent wall systems will now bring desired light into a structure and make an artistic statement that is timeless. SAFTI FIRST, the nation’s leader in fire rated glazing solutions, is combining art and technology with fire rated decorative glass using SuperLite II-XL.  This enhanced aesthetic in fire rated glass

The First Fire and Hurricane Rated Glazed Assembly

After one of the costliest hurricane seasons in modern history, members of the building community are looking for ways to protect people and property from the devastating effects of hurricanes.  SAFTI FIRST, a leading manufacturer of fire rated glazing and framing, is offering a solution by introducing the first Fire Rated