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“Our mission is to produce appealing architectural products that protect people while providing
our customers with expert information, economical solutions, and unlimited inspiration.

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SAFTI FIRST has over 40 years of experience in testing, innovating and providing technologically advanced fire rated glass and framing systems. Our products are tested, certified, listed and labeled both by UL and Intertek/Warnock-Hersey.

SAFTI FIRST was the first company to develop and bring to market a fully listed and labeled fire resistive wall and door assembly using
clear, ASTM E-119 rated advanced glazing and framing assemblies proudly manufactured here in the USA. We continue to be the leading
single-source manufacturer of USA made fire resistive glass and framing assemblies.

SAFTI FIRST products provide additional safety, clarity, performance and cost savings that other products cannot match. In addition,
SAFTI FIRST has in-house engineering and estimating services to provide fast lead times and competitive pricing.

SAFTI FIRST is also the fire rated glass and framing division of O’Keeffe’s Inc., a leading USA manufacturer of architectural glass and metal products for 80 years.

SAFTI believes in FIRSTs since 1978. We are the FIRST to:

First to perform US testing of advanced fire rated glazing products from Europe.
SAFTI (Safety and Fire Technology Incorporated), a division of O'Keeffe's Inc., is founded.
This division specializes in fire rated glazing and framing systems. SAFTI is later known as SAFTI FIRST.
SAFTI FIRST completes successful US testing of new technology fire rated glazing from Europe and introduces it to the US market.
SAFTI FIRST's parent company, O'Keeffe's Inc., introduces GPX Glassprotex, the first fire resistive framing system made in the United States.
This became the basis of design for the first full-lite 60 and 90 minute door assembly, first transparent wall system and first exterior fire rated curtain wall. SAFTI FIRST becomes the first US-based fire rated glazing and framing manufacturer to offer complete fire rated assemblies — further distinguishing itself in the marketplace.
SAFTI FIRST develops SuperLite l as a safe, economical and clear alternative to traditional wired glass.
SAFTI FIRST becomes the first US company to manufacture clear, fire protective, CPSC Cat. ll impact safety and fire rated glazing products here in the USA.
SAFTI FIRST introduces SuperLite l-XL, a clear, CPSC Cat. ll impact safety rated, specialty tempered, fire protective glazing with additional radiant heat protection.
SuperLite l-XL is fire tested without hose stream and requires AHJ approval for 45–60 minute applications.
SAFTI FIRST starts local manufacturing of SuperLite ll-XL, the first fire resistive glazing produced in the US.
SAFTI FIRST develops SuperLite l-W, the first fire and safety rated filmed wired glass manufactured in the US. SuperLite l-W is impact safety rated to CPSC Cat. ll.
SAFTI FIRST offers a complete fire resistive and ballistic rated glazed assembly.
SAFTI FIRST introduces the first complete fire resistive and hurricane rated glazed assembly passing the stringent Miami-Dade test standards. SAFTI FIRST introduces fire resistive, decorative art glass.
This enhanced aesthetic in fire rated glazing opens up the option of using custom art glass in fire rated applications.
SAFTI FIRST introduces a listed transparent Class A roofing system for applications where fire protection is a concern or necessity.
SAFTI FIRST receives NFRC Certification for SuperLite ll-XL IGU/GPX Framing Assemblies.
SAFTI FIRST introduces SuperLite X-45/60/90, a revolutionary wire and tint free fire protective glazing product that meets all the requirements for 60-90 minute temperature rise doors.
SAFTI FIRST marks its 30th anniversary.
SuperLite ll-XL now available with Starphire® Ultra-Clear Glass by PPG. SAFTI FIRST's CW Framing System is the first 2-hour fire resistive system to pass rigorous dynamic curtain wall testing as prescribed by Curtain Wall Design & Consulting (CDC).
SAFTI FIRST develops and markets SuperSecure II-XLS, the first fire resistive security glazing meeting CA Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation (CDCR) and ASTM F1915 requirements.
SAFTI FIRST introduces GPX Blast, the first fire resistive and blast rated glazed assemblies for opening and walls.

SuperLite II-XL now available in curved glass make-ups.

SAFTI FIRST introduces GPX SNAPCAP, our new patent pending fire resistive framing system offering the ease of installation and the uniformly narrow sightlines of today's most popular storefront systems. Meets ASTM E-119 up to 60 minutes and available in multiple finishes.
SAFTI FIRST develops and successfully tests GPX FireFloor, the first USA-made fire resistive floor system with the largest tested and listed sizes up to 2 hours.
SAFTI FIRST develops and successfully tests SuperLite II-XLB , a USA-made fire resistive glass product with the largest clear view area for 60-120 minute applications with hose stream. SuperLite II-XLB is the ideal product for oversize and butt-glazed wall applications.

SAFTI FIRST introduces SuperLite II-XLM , a fire resistive multilaminate glass product for 45-120 minute applications with hose stream. SuperLite II-XLM is available in clear, butt-glazed wall assemblies up to 2 hours without vertical mullions or spaces for ultimate transparency.
SAFTI FIRST becomes the first and only fire rated glass and framing manufacturer to have approved glazing and framing components in the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) Component Modeling Approach (CMA) program. The SuperLite II-XL 45, 60, 90 and 120 fire resistive glazing in both clear tempered and Starphire Low-Iron make-ups and GPX Framing up to 2 hours can now be downloaded as glazing and framing components in the Component Modeling Approach Software Tool (CMAST) database.
SAFTI FIRST introduces SuperClear 45-HS and SuperClear 45-HS-LI , two revolutionary, game-changing, affordable, 45-minute fire protective glazing products that meet all fire, hose stream and safety requirements. SuperClear 45-HS and SuperClear 45-HS-LI are listed and labeled by UL and Intertek in large sizes for use in doors, sidelites, transoms and openings. They can be used in interior and exterior applications, including energy efficient make-ups. SuperClear 45-HS and SuperClear 45-HS-LI have a 37 STC/35 OITC rating in standard hollow metal framing, compared to 29 STC/28 OITC for filmed ceramic in standard hollow metal framing and 31 STC/30 OITC for laminated ceramic in standard hollow metal framing. SuperClear 45-HS-LI has an approximate VLT of 90, making it the clearest 45-minute fire protective glazing product in the market today. SuperClear 45-HS and SuperClear 45-HS-LI are approved glazing components in the NFRC CMAST database.

Our Team

Bill O'Keeffe, CEO of SAFTI FIRST

William O’Keeffe

President & CEO
Rafael Valencia, Territory Manager | SAFTI FIRST

Rafael Valencia

Territory Manager - West (AK, AZ, CA, HI, OR, WA), ext. 734
844.927.4451 (fax)

Carlos Garcia

Territory Manager - West & Central (AR, CO, IA, ID, KS, LA, MN, MO, MS, MT, ND, NE, NV, SD, UT, WY), ext. 673

Michael White

Territory Manager – Central (IL, IN, KY, MI, NM, OH, OK, Western PA, TX, WI, WV), ext. 728
844.927.4121 (fax)
Dakota Cox, Territory Manager | SAFTI FIRST

Dakota Cox

Territory Manager - Southeast (AL, GA, NC, SC, TN, VA) & Canada, ext. 655
Mike Gebruers, Territory Manager | SAFTI FIRST

Mike Gebruers

Territory Manager – Northeast (CT, DE, MD, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, Eastern PA, RI, VT, Washington, DC) & Int'l, ext. 762
844.927.4428 (fax)
Jesse Fuentes, Inside Sales Manager | SAFTI FIRST

Jesse Fuentes

Inside Sales Manager – Southeast (FL), ext. 730
844.927.4446 (fax)

Lorena Fuentes

Glass Estimator - West (AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY), ext 631

Nikoletta Drew

Glass Estimator - Central (IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, OK, SD, TN , WI), ext. 639
Benjamin Cox Headshot

Benjamin Cox

Glass Estimator - Central & Southeast (AL, AR, LA, MS, TX, FL & Canada), ext 623
844.927.4485 (fax)

Manuel Rodriguez

Glass Estimator - Northeast & Southeast (CT, DE, GA, MA, MD, ME , NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, VA, VT, WV), ext. 624
Karen Wu, Junior Territory Manager | SAFTI FIRST

Karen Lim

Inside Sales Assistant (West), ext. 792
844.927.4085 (fax)
Craig Banda, Glass Estimator | SAFTI FIRST

Craig Banda

Inside Sales Assistant (East), ext. 607

Ron Drew

Chief Operating Officer, ext. 640
844.927.4494 (fax)

Anthony Oh

Chief Financial Officer
209.626.3490 (fax)

Sean Ross

VP of Testing & Certification, ext. 634
Tim Nass, VP of National Sales

Tim Nass

VP of National Sales, ext. 704
Diana San Diego, VP of Marketing | SAFTI FIRST

Diana San Diego

VP of Marketing, ext. 756
844.927.3203 (fax)
Sharon Heagney, VP of Engineering | SAFTI FIRST

Sharon Heagney

VP of Engineering & Project Management, ext. 740
844.927.4431 (fax)
Catherine Masuda, VP of Contracts Administration | SAFTI FIRST

Catherine Masuda

VP of Contract Administration, ext. 744
844.927.3093 (fax)
Mike Augustine, National Technical Director & Architectural Representative | SAFTI FIRST

Mike Augustine

National Technical Director & Architectural Representative, ext. 708
844.927.4103 (fax)

Michelle Murray

Architectural Sales Representative, ext. 794
844.927.4430 (fax)
Thanh Truong, CAD/ Engineering | SAFTI FIRST

Thanh Truong

CAD/Engineering, ext. 746
888.444.0762 (fax)
Bruce Chow | SAFTI FIRST

Bruce Chow

Senior Project Manager, ext. 774
844.927.1753 (fax)
Denise Esquivel, Project Manager | SAFTI FIRST

Denise Esquivel

Project Manager, ext. 742
844.927.3107 (fax)
Paolo Mercado, Project Manager | SAFTI FIRST

Paolo Mercado

Project Manager, ext. 706
888.444.0768 (fax)
Dhaval Gadani, Project Manager | SAFTI FIRST

Dhaval Gadani

Project Manager, ext. 702

Jitesh Jain

Project Manager, ext. 722

Tyler Lamirato

Project Engineer
Tina Zhao, Project Management Assistant | SAFTI FIRST

Tina Zhao

Project Management Assistant, ext. 714
888.444.0746 (fax)

Jennifer Hom

Marketing & Graphics Manager, ext. 758

Armane Pita

Marketing Assistant, ext. 760
Jun Eun Yun, Contract Administration Assistant | SAFTI FIRST

Jung Eun Yun

Contract Administration Assistant, ext. 764
844.927.3690 (fax)
Paulynne Macaspac

Paulynne Macaspac

Contract Administration Assistant, ext. 791
844.444.0729 (fax)

Adam Scherer

IT Data Analyst, ext. 752

Monique Berumen

Receptionist, ext. 712
844.444.0726 (fax)
Rex, Company Security | SAFTI FIRST


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