Contains smoke, flames and blocks the passage of radiant heat.

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Product Advantages

  • GPX® Curtain Wall Series is a 60-120 minute fire resistive framing system for multi-story spans of glass.
  • It is fully vetted for exterior performance with static & dynamic water pressure testing, air infiltration testing, thermal cycling & condensation evaluation, and structural, seismic, and interstory displacement testing. 
  • Ideal for property line and wildfire/urban interface situations.
  • Provides the clean appearance of conventional aluminum framing with uniform sightlines.
  • It is available in standard and custom finishes including high performance paint by PPG, clear anodized, bronze anodized, black anodized, Decoral®, wood veneer, ornamental metal and more.
  • Standard 5 year limited warranty.
  • USA manufactured for fast lead times and competitive pricing.

maximum sizes

Fire Rating GlazingApplication Max. CV Area Max. CV Width Max. CV Height
60 MinutesSuperLite® II-XL 60Walls4,952 in.²
124 in.
(3.15 m)
124 in.
(3.15 m)
60 MinutesSuperLite® II-XLB 60Walls10,000 in.²
(6.45 m²)
125 in.
(3.18 m)
125 in.
(3.18 m)
60 MinutesSuperLite® II-XLM 60Walls3,855 in.²
(2.49 m²)
87-5/8 in.
(2.23 m)
87-5/8 in.
(2.23 m)
120 MinutesSuperLite® II-XL 120Walls4,876 in.²
(3.15 m²)
124 in.
(3.15 m)
124 in.
(3.15 m)
120 MinutesSuperLite® II-XLB 120Walls7,980 in.²
(5.15 m²)
133 in.
(3.38 m)
133 in.
(3.38 m)
120 MinutesSuperLite® II-XLM 120Walls4,256 in.²
(2.75 m²)
38 in.
(0.97 m)
112 in.
(2.84 m)

Product Specifications

Fire Rating 60-120 minutes with hose stream
Frame Profile 3 in. (76 mm) standard
2-½ in. (63.5 mm) custom
Equal sightlines
Finish High performance paint by PPG, clear anodized, bronze anodized, black anodized, Decoral®, wood veneer, ornamental metal, and more
Application Walls
Static Pressure ASTM E 331-00 at 20.0 psf
Results: No Leakage
Thermal Cycling and Condensation Evaluation Exterior 170°F: -10°F
Interior 68°F
Results: No Damage
Structural Performance ASTM E 330 between -75.0 psf to 60.0 psf
Results: No Damage
Seismic Movement test ¾ in. cycled movement horizontally
Results: No Damage
Air Infiltration ASTM E 283-04 at 6.24 psf.
Results: No Leakage
Dynamic Pressure Water Resistance AAMA 501-1.05 at 12.0 psf.
Results: No Leakage
Condensation Resistance Factor 68 for frames
71 for glass
Interstory Vertical Displacement Test 1 in. parallel
1 in. perpendicular
Results: No Damage

listings and standards

GPX® Curtain Wall Series is listed and labeled by Underwriters Laboratories and Intertek, nationally recognized testing laboratories approved by OSHA.


  • Intertek: 27695
  • HPD: 28599
  • Declare: SFT-0001


  • UL 9, UL 10B, UL 10C, UL 263, UL 752-2005
  • NFPA 80, NFPA 251, NFPA 252, NFPA 257
  • ASTM E119, ASTM E152, ASTM E163, ASTM E2074, ASTM 2010-01 
  • CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Cat. II
  • ANSI Z97.1 
  • CAN/ULC S101, CAN/ULC S104, CAN/ULC S106
SuperLite® II-XLM 120
SuperLite® II-XLM 60
SuperLite® II-XLB 120
SuperLite® II-XLB 60
SuperLite® II-XL 120
SuperLite® II-XL 60

Related Case Studies

Learn more about fire rated glass and framing through our case studies. We highlight innovative design applications in real-world settings and show how architects continue to push the boundaries of what fire rated glass and framing can do.

Boston Building Protects Property Line with Fire Resistive Curtain Wall

The west-facing elevation of The Kensington in Boston, MA, was in close proximity to the property line, prompting the building official to require part of the curtain wall had to meet ASTM E-119/NFPA 251/UL263 for 60 minutes. SAFTI FIRST® supplied SuperLite II-XL 60 insulated with Solarban 70XL in GPX Curtain Wall Framing in a continuous span from the seventh to the tenth floors.

Fire Resistive Curtain Wall at NYC Midtown Community Court

The 1890s-era Midtown Community Court in New York City—a New York Historic Landmark—is currently undergoing a five year, $18 million renovation that includes a 9,650-square-foot addition for a new elevator, lobby and stairwell featuring fire resistive glass and curtain wall. The system consists of SAFTI FIRST®’s SuperLite II-XL 120 IGU in GPX Curtain Wall System.

Glass Curtain Wall Lets Light In and Keeps Fire Out

Prairie Hills Junior High School's south-facing elevation features a glazed aluminum curtain wall that incorporates PPG Solarblue and PPG Solarban 60 glazing. Parts of the curtain wall had to meet a two-hour rating because it was adjacent to a two-hour block wall through the building's interior. SAFTI FIRST supplied SuperLite II-XL 120 IGU in GPX Curtain Wall Framing in order to meet ASTM E-119/NFPA 251/UL263 requirements.

Fire Resistive Curtain Wall at Aspen Art Museum

Designed by Pritzker prize winning architect Shigeru Ban, the brand new 33,000 sf Aspen Art Museum boasts large exterior glass walls designed to keep the visitors engaged with views of the beautiful Aspen landscape. SAFTI FIRST®’s engineering team provided design assistance and supplied a 2 hour fire resistive curtain wall with SuperLite II-XL 120 with Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass insulated with Viracon VE13-85 in GPX Curtain Wall Framing. A woven screen encloses the glass curtain wall to provide shading from direct sunlight.

Fire Rated Curtain Wall Performance in Dramatic Weather Conditions

As far as extreme environments go, Wisconsin has some of the most dramatic in North America. During the winter months, temperatures regularly dip well below freezing, and in the summer months the temperatures can reach up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit with significant humidity levels for extended periods of time. Given these dramatic weather conditions, the materials chosen for the building envelope should not only protect building occupants from the elements, but ensure their comfort as well.

Porsche Design Tower Sets a New Standard of Cool with the Help of Fire Rated Glass

Perhaps no other residential high-rise has created more buzz than the highly-anticipated Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles, Florida. A collaboration between Dezer Development and the Porsche Design Group, the 60-story, 132-residence luxury tower designed by Sieger Suarez Architects promises to deliver a new standard of cool.

Fire Resistive Curtain Wall Helps Hospital Meet Fire and Seismic Requirements

Ratcliff was chosen as the architect to design the new three-story, 60,000 square foot San Jose Downtown Health Center that includes urgent care for adults and children, primary care for pediatric, OB/GYN and family medicine, behavioral health services, laboratory, pharmacy and radiology departments. Their design takes advantage of glazing’s ability to draw natural light from the outdoors to create a warm, pleasing atmosphere that promotes healing. Part of the hospital’s exterior curtain wall had to be fire rated for one hour and meet seismic requirements per SB 1953 as well.

Army Hospital Features First-ever Fire Resistive, Blast Rated Curtain Wall that Meets DoD Antiterrorism Standards

The Department of Defense (DoD) published the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 4-010-01 Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings as a mandatory guideline to mitigate the threats of terrorism against buildings and ensure the safety of the individuals that inhabit them. It applies to all newly constructed DoD Components, DoD inhabited buildings, billeting and high-occupancy housing, as well as already inhabited buildings where the renovation costs are 50% or more than the value of the building (for a complete list, please see UFC 4-010-01 section 1.8).

A Clear Solution for Harvard’s Klarman Hall

This new 120,000 square foot, state-of-the-art convening center features a 1,000-seat auditorium that is large enough to host the entire MBA class. The glass atrium floods the multi-purpose lobby with natural light, as well as provides a visual connection between the interior of the building and the outdoor environment. To maximize transparency, SAFTI FIRST met with the architects during the design phase to create a large, 2-hour, glass wall that separates the lobby from the auditorium while providing a visual connection between them. Since this 2-hour glass wall also serves as the entrance to the auditorium, deciding on a 90-minute door system was of upmost important. SAFTI FIRST’s in-house engineering department provided design assistance, system details, engineering calculations and support from the planning phase all the way to the submittal process.