Does SAFTI FIRST® offer a fire resistive floor?
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Does SAFTI FIRST® offer a fire resistive floor?

| June 28, 2023

In this Ask Tim episode, Tim Nass answers one of our industry’s most frequently asked questions, does SAFTI FIRST® offer a fire resistive floor?

Yes! SAFTI FIRST® offers a fire-resistive glass floor up to 120 minutes. This glass floor can also be considered overhead glazing as it allows natural light to flow into spaces from above.

Listed by UL and Intertek, our GPX Firefloor system has the largest tested and listed individual glass panel sizes for both fully supports and butt-glazed assemblies.

The framing also provides structure to the floor, allowing for stability and easy installation. Once the structure is set, the glass units are installed from above, all in one piece. This makes for faster and easier installation compared to our competitors whose floor must be installed from both above and below, causing more labor and more time.

Visit our gallery page to see stunning photos of our applications in the field. The GPX Firefloor can incorporate multiple walking surfaces including decorative art glass, standard ceramic patterns that provide translucency, and more. As a testament to the high quality we set at SAFTI FIRST®, our GPX Firefloor system installed in San Francisco’s new Union Square Station was chosen as the Best Protective Glazing Project in the 2022 Glass Magazine Awards.

If you have a question about fire rated glass and framing, send it to and we’ll address it in future episodes.