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Maximum Security Series

  • 45 to 120 minute clear, fire resistive, GPX Blast System rated, aluminum clad framing system for walls and openings.
GPX Blast System

Fire Resistive and Blast Wall/Window

  • 45 to 120 minute clear, fire resistive, GPX Blast System rated, aluminum clad framing system for walls and openings.
  • Meets ASTM E119 / UL 263 / NFPA 251 with hose stream up to 2 hours for Fire Resistance.
  • Meets a 3-second design loading of 50 psf per UFC 4-010-01 2007 Department of Defense (DOD) Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings for Blast Resistance.
  • Meets ASTM E1300 Standard Practice for Determining Load Resistance of Glass in Buildings.
  • Designed in accordance with ASTM F2248 Standard Practice for Specifying an Equivalent 3-Second Duration Design Loading for Blast Resistant Glazing Fabricated with Laminated Glass.
  • Can be engineered to meet all levels of blast protection depending on the project, with static and dynamic analysis using Wingard software, which is standard industry practice and allowable under DOD standards.
  • Comprised of SuperLite II-XL with one tempered & laminated lite with a minimum interlayer of .030 in. The laminated side is towards the interior of the building to protect the occupants from glass fragments caused by the blast.
  • Offered in standard and custom finishes including high performance fluoropolymer finishes by PPG, clear anodized, bronze anodized, black anodized, Decoral , any species of wood veneer, ornamental metal, and more.
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • USA manufactured for fast lead times and competitive pricing.
  • For details, specifications or further information on the GPX Blast System for any current or upcoming projects, please contact us.
Standard profiles:
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