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Hurricane Framing with Florida Code Approvals for doors, openings and walls

  • 60 to 120 minute fire resistive, hurricane rated aluminum framing system with Florida Product Approval Numbers:
    • Fixed Window/Wall: FL16382
    • Single and Pair Doors: FL 16888
  • Meets to the following standards:
    • ASTM E-119/NFPA251/UL263 up to 2 hours with hose stream for Fire Resistance
    • ASTM E283 for Air Infiltration Leakage
    • ASTM E331/ASTM 547 for Water Penetration
    • ASTM E330/TAS 202 for Uniform Static Air Pressure
    • FBC 1626.2 (TAS 201 and 203) for Large Missile Impact and Cyclic Wind Loading
    • AAMA 1302.5-76 and 1303.5-76 for Forced Entry (for doors)
    • ASTM E1300 for Determining Load Resistance of Glass in Buildings
  • Complies with High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) testing requirements.
  • Maximum design loads up to +/- 80 PSF.
  • Glazing make-up is SuperLite II-XL insulated with 9/16″ DuPont Sentry Plus Laminated Glass
  • Dow Corning 995 to be used as the perimeter sealant
  • Enrolled in Architectural Testing Inc.’s Quality Assurance Program
  • Offered in standard and custom finishes including high performance fluoropolymer finishes by PPG, clear anodized, bronze anodized, black anodized, Decoral®, ornamental metal, and more.


GPX Hurricane with FL Product Approval

Fire Resistive Hurricane Doors

  • 60 and 90 minute fire resistive, hurricane rated aluminum clad single and pair door.
  • 5" vertical stile, 5" head and 10" bottom rail (bottom rail can be modified with AHJ approval).
  • Door is 4" – 5" deep.
  • 52 ¼" maximum single door width.
  • 104 ½" maximum pair door width.
  • 105 ¼" maximum door height.
Available profiles:
5" 500 HF Series

Fire Resistive Hurricane Wall/Window

  • 60 to 120 minute fire resistive, hurricane rated aluminum clad wall/window.
  • 144” maximum wall height.
  • 40" maximum wall width before vertical mullion is introduced.
Available profiles:
3” at the perimeter and 5” at the intermediates
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