New “Game Changer” for Glaziers
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New “Game Changer” for Glaziers

ByBill O'Keeffe
| March 13, 2023

New “Game Changer” for Glaziers

When SuperClear 45-HS (hose stream) and SuperClear 45-HS-LI (hose stream, low-iron) were introduced in January 2019, we knew that it would be another SAFTI FIRST “game-changer”. Architects, glaziers and building owners no longer had to settle for unsafe wire glass or expensive, tinted filmed and laminated ceramics. One look at SuperClear 45-HS and SuperClear 45-HS-LI and you can see why these products disrupted (and continue to disrupt) the 45 minute fire protective glazing market. As the only truly clear, monolithic glass products to meet hose stream and CPSC Cat. II impact safety without films or laminates, providing superior optical clarity, safety and durability and are readily available at an affordable price. These two products, SuperClear 45-HS and SuperClear 45-HS-LI, have been awarded US Patent Number 11,479,504, with additional patents pending. So what is our new “game changer”?


What would go best with a “game changing” glazing? A new, “game changing” framing system that would be aluminum with a narrow, two-inch profile that is uniform throughout. It is single-source, prefinished system that allows contractors to source the entire fire protective glazing system or provide the fire resistive glazing and fire protective glazing for the project. It ends the contractor’s and glazier’s question by the unions regarding whose work these fire rated systems should be installed by. It also provides the glazing contractor additional revenue and control for the entire systems.

We are truly ecstatic and really appreciate how the architectural community has embraced SuperClear 45-HS and SuperClear 45-HS-LI. Get ready as we launch this new, revolutionary, all aluminum, 45 minute, narrow profile, patent-pending “SnapCap” framing system for SuperClear 45-HS, SuperClear 45-HS-LI or “any” 45 minute glazing product. These products, SuperClear and the SnapCap framing system, will be, when used together, a total “game changer” for 45 minute fire protective requirements, with superior aesthetic, ease of installation and affordability. This creates new design opportunities for architects to upgrade from hollow metal frames, which are bulky, difficult to handle and need to be installed in advance in most cases. Whereas SAFTI FIRST’s Snapcap framing system, which is all-aluminum, narrow profile and factory-finished in a multitude of architectural finishes, for use in both interior and exterior applications with a variety of glazing and protective rating choices. Glaziers will enjoy adding this to their scope and taking control of the entire fire rated glazing and framing package in any project, with the added advantage of installation after the openings are complete as it installs as a storefront. This is an advantage to the architect in their design and ability to provide a pre-finished, architecturally appealing 45 minute system.

A preview of SAFTI FIRST’s patent-pending, all aluminum SnapCap framing system for 20-45 minute fire protective openings.

We are committed to providing the best products to serve the 20-45 minute fire protective glazing system.  This market has been overlooked in innovation compared to the growth in the 60-120 minute fire resistive glazing systems developed by SAFTI FIRST for floors, window-walls, doors and curtain walls.

SuperClear and Snapcap will provide new and more pleasing 20 to 45 minute openings, allowing additional safety and aesthetic options for any project where clarity, ease of installation, reduced maintenance and replacement costs are desired, with more options available soon.  An important market and example of this are K-12 schools where safety and security are a prime concern. Regarding maintenance and replacement costs, please see this video where protective glazings are compared.  It illustrates the safety of SuperClear when tested against its competitors filmed wire glass, filmed ceramic and laminated ceramic.

Our commitment to innovate and protect will continue for all applications requiring safety, with a special emphasis on schools.  In my previous blog “Glass Industry Takes Significant Step Towards School Safety”, I talked about how the glass industry came together to publish the first glazing standard addressing active shooters, which has unfortunately become a rising concern for schools.  With our new “Pujol laminating line” now up and running, we are able to provide security glazing that meets the new active shooter standard, as well other security glass products that meet ballistic, blast, forced entry, attack, vandalism, hurricane, and more.  Beyond security, our “Pujol laminating line” can also produce switchable and dynamic glass, art glass, glass floors, glass stairs, glass railings, mirrored or one-way see-through glass, decorative glass (with organic inserted-fabric, metals, stones and papers) colored glass, LED glass, bird friendly glass, and much more.  These new laminated glass products can stand alone or be combined with other high performance glazing, including SAFTI FIRST’s fire rated glazing products up to 2 hours.

SAFTI FIRST’s new Pujol automated laminating line includes a brand new clean room and 2 ovens; one for standard lamination processes and another for hurricane, bomb blast and detention products.

There is a lot more work we are doing, and we intend to deliver results – thanks to investments that we’ve made to our manufacturing capabilities, and the dedicated men and women in our entire organization who are engaged, motivated and deliver great products.  Thank you and please share!