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The Merced 2020 Project, an ambitious, $1.2B, extensive expansion of the UC Merced campus, is “the largest public-private partnership social infrastructure project completed in U.S. history,” according to the university’s website. This includes new facilities used for academic, administration, laboratories, housing and recreation. This was truly exciting, and it struck a chord with SAFTI FIRST® because Merced is home to our manufacturing facilities.

Narrated by Tim Nass, VP of Sales at SAFTI FIRST®

TIMTALK: BART Milpitas Transit Center

Bringing the outside in was an important design element for the newly opened BART Milpitas Transit Center. ASTM E119 / UL 263 / CAN ULC S101 rated, fire resistive SuperLite® II-XLB 60 butt-glazed walls were used for the 1 hour light wells to allow abundant natural light to flow vertically and horizontally through two levels – from the entrance/ticketing level and all the way down to the tracks where the train cars are.

Narrated by Tim Nass, VP of Sales at SAFTI FIRST®

TIMTALK: Starbucks Reserve Roastery

The Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Chicago, IL features an incredible, 4-story mural by local artist Eulojio Ortega. The mural, brilliant for conveying the story as visitors go from floor to floor, is interestingly located in an exit stairwell. Traditionally, stairwells are enclosed in opaque walls, leaving them dark, isolated, and rarely utilized unless in an emergency. To allow the mural to be visible through multiple floors, encourage stair usage and meet fire rated code requirements, the architects redesigned the 2- hour stairwell using transparent, floor-to-ceiling butt-glazed glass walls with the largest tested and listed fire resistive glass panels available.

Narrated by Tim Nass, VP of Sales at SAFTI FIRST®

TIMTALK: Union Square Station

San Francisco’s Union Square is known for the largest collection of department stores, upscale boutiques, hotels and fine dining. Adding to this famed hub is the Central Subway – Union Square Market Street Station featuring a 2-hour fire rated floor system by SAFTI FIRST®.

TIMTALK: One Vanderbilt

Sophisticated. Elegant. Iconic. These are some of the words being used to describe One Vanderbilt Avenue, the 77-story skyscraper that has redefined the Manhattan skyline. At 1,401 feet tall, it is the tallest office tower in Midtown, with a prime location just steps from another world-famous architectural icon, Grand Central Terminal. SAFTI FIRST® provided clear, USA-made, fire resistive, low-iron glass and framing systems to this monumental project.

PODCAST: Increasing Clear Views in Fire Rated Glazing

When it comes to fire rated glazing, size matters. In this podcast, Tim Nass talks about how SAFTI FIRST® answers the design community’s demand for larger clear views and increased transparency in fire rated glass walls and full-vision door applications.

TIMTALK: Orlando VA Medical Center

The Orlando VA Medical Center needed glazing that would not only provide light and transparency, but fire and hurricane protection and improved energy performance. SuperLite® II-XL in GPX® Hurricane Framing from SAFTI FIRST® was installed in exterior fire-rated locations that were exposed to the elements. These assemblies were rigorously tested and certified for fire and radiant heat protection for up to two hours, large missile impact, air and water infiltration, and cyclic wind loading.

TIMTALK: 520 West 20th Street

The architects at Morris Adjmi wanted large, 11-ft. tall glass walls to highlight the breathtaking views for the reimagined Warehouse in New York City’s growing architectural wonderland of Chelsea. However, the building was on a lot line, mandating 2 hour fire walls. SAFTI FIRST® made this dream a reality by supplying the largest tested and listed 2 hour fire resistive glazing available today. The inclusion of low-iron glass in the fire-resistive glazing units ensured superior clarity and aesthetic continuity with the adjacent non-rated windows. The fire resistive units incorporated high performance glazing and were filled with argon for energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Narrated by Tim Nass, VP of Sales at SAFTI FIRST®.

TIMTALK: The Quad at the University of Houston

See why the design team at EYP chose SuperClear® 45-HS-LI over tinted, expensive ceramics for all the interior and exterior 45 minute doors, sidelites and openings at the 1,197-bed Quad on the University of Houston campus.


TIMTALK: Evolution of SuperClear®

Revolutionary, fully hose stream rated, optically clear, low cost, 45-minute fire rated glass product for all applications!

PODCAST: Unique & Innovative Fire Rated Glazing Applications

Architects have always pushed the limits of what building products can do, and fire rated glazing is no exception. In this podcast, Tim Nass, talks about the projects that have spurred SAFTI FIRST® to bring unique & innovative fire rated glazing products to the market.