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Technical Bulletins

Designer’s Guide to Emerging Technologies in Fire Rated Glazing Systems

Designers Guide to FRG Cover Page

Discover the latest innovations in fire rated glazing systems with SAFTI FIRST‘s interactive resource guide.

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2015 IBC Chapter 7 Tables


The latest version of the Chapter 7 Tables that show the correct and code approved applications for fire rated glass

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2014 NY Building Code 705.8 Table


BC Table 705.8 (BC Table 704.8 of the 08 Code and Table 3-4 and 27-331 of the 1968 Code) limits the amount of exterior openings…

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2012 IBC Chapter 7 Tables


The latest version of the IBC includes three updated charts that show the correct and code approved applications for fire rated glass. Found in Chapter…

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2012 NFPA 101 Tables


Where jurisdictions enforce both IBC and NFPA 101 Life Safety Code provisions, architect and specifiers need to be aware of the provisions of both codes.…

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Fire Rated Glass Masterspec Guide


If you haven’t updated your office’s master specifications for fire rated glass in the last two years, chances are that it might be out-of-date. This…

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From Wired Glass to Clear Solutions: Designing with Fire Rated Glass Today


This white paper provides readers with a solid understanding of fire rated glass based on the two types of fire rated glass recognized in the…

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IBC Size Limit on 60-90 minute Door Vision Panels


This document clarifies the confusion surrounding the door vision panel sizes permitted in 60 and 90 minute doors based on current IBC and NFPA requirements.

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SuperLite I-XL Informational Bulletin


This informational bulletin dispels the unfounded and misleading products alerts and scare tactics on SuperLite I-XL published by one of our competitors as it relates…

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SuperLite I-XL Technical Bulletin


This document is intended to provide design professionals and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) with information regarding the performance of SuperLite I-XL for the purpose of…

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SuperLite I-W Informational Bulletin


Changes to the IBC prompted a lot of questions regarding the use of wired glass in commercial construction. This informational bulletin makes the distinction between…

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FAQ on Filmed Fire Rated Products


This document answers the most frequently asked questions on filmed wired glass and filmed ceramics.

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Fire Protective Ceramic Listings vs. IBC Limitations and Requirements

This chart shows the inconsistencies between the ceramic manufacturer’s published listing size, rating and application vs. the 2012 and 2015 IBC code limitations and requirements.

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