SAFTI FIRST® GPX Hurricane Fire Resistive Wall and Door System Now Listed with Texas Department of Insurance

ByDiana S
| March 15, 2017

SAFTI FIRST® is the First to be Listed With Texas Department of Insurance. GPX Hurricane Fire Resistive Wall and Door Systems.

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BRISBANE, CA (March 15, 2017) – SAFTI FIRST®, leading USA-manufacturer of advanced fire rated glass and framing systems, is pleased to announce that the GPX Hurricane System is now listed with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). This distinguishes SAFTI FIRST as the first and only fire rated glass and framing manufacturer to receive product evaluation documents two categories: Curtain Walls & Storefront Systems Impact Resistant (Evaluation ID# CWF-50) and Hinged Doors – Aluminum – Impact Resistant (Evaluation ID# DR-789). The GPX Hurricane Wall and Door system satisfy TDI’s criteria for protection from windborne debris in Inland I and Seaward Zones, with wind speeds up to 120 mph and 130 mph respectively. According to ATI’s Informational Bulletin #31: Updated Impact Requirements for Building Components, “All door and window products sold in the coastal catastrophe area must be approved by the Texas Department of Insurance.” The TDI designated catastrophe area includes 14 first-tier counties that are immediately adjacent to the Gulf Coast and portions of Harris County that are East of State Highway 146.

Having readily available TDI-approved product evaluation documents for the GPX Hurricane Wall and Door Systems give designers, owners and building officials the assurance of having a tested and listed glazed assembly that has been successfully evaluated to meet the strictest fire and hurricane requirements. This becomes especially important if the commercial structure is insured by the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association for windstorm and hail insurance.

Aside from TDI, the GPX Hurricane System also has complete Florida Product Approval and UL Certifications for Wind-Resistant Building Components. SAFTI FIRST® was the first manufacturer to introduce a tested and listed fire resistive and hurricane rated glazed wall and door assembly in 2006.

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SAFTI FIRST® Fire Rated Glazing Solutions ( has been serving the architectural and building communities and is the recognized leader in manufacturing fire rated glass and framing for over 35 years. As the premier source for fire rated glazing, SAFTI FIRST® was the first to introduce transparent fire rated walls to the U.S. market. Our SuperLite™ product line, fire rated from 20 minutes to 3 hours, includes fire resistive tempered units (SuperLite II-XL and SuperLite II-XLB), fire resistive multilaminates (SuperLite II-XLM), fire resistive security glazing (SuperSecure II-XLS), specialty tempered glass (SuperLite I and I-XL), safety ceramics (PYRAN Platinum F and L by SAFTI FIRST®), safety wired glass (SuperLite I-W) and specialty fire protective (SuperLite X-45/60/90). SuperLite products can protect against noise, attack, impact, bullets, blast, hurricane and UV rays, and are available in many custom architectural make-ups, including butt-glazed and enhanced energy performance applications. GPX Framing is fire rated up to 2 hours and can be used in doors, openings, storefronts, curtain wall and floor applications and available in multiple architectural finishes. GPX Framing can also be customized protect against attack, impact, bullets, blast and hurricane. Our products are manufactured in the U.S. for fast lead times. For more information, call 888.653.3333.

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