SAFTI FIRST® Announces New 2-Hour Glass-Floor System Featuring Easy Installation, Largest Panelized Sizes and Maintenance-Free Design

ByDiana S
| June 7, 2017

SAFTI FIRST® announces new fire rated floor systems with up to 2-Hours Rating.

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USA-made GPX FireFloor System passes UL 263/ULC-S101 and tested with a maximum load of 100 psf.
Largest individual glass panels size for fully-supported and butt-glazed with load spans of 50 feet or more.

BRISBANE, CA (June 7, 2017)
 – SAFTI FIRST® is pleased to announce the patent-pending GPX FireFloor System is now listed and labeled for 2 hours following a successful UL 263/ULC-S101 test conducted by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) at their test facility in Northbrook, IL. This USA-made GPX FireFloor System is top-loaded for easy installation and offers the largest tested and listed individual glass panels for 2-hour fire resistive glass-floor applications. It is double the size of other imported, 2-hour fire rated glass floor systems with a maximum individual panel area of 40.9 sq. ft. for fully-supported floor panels and 25.7 sq. ft. for butt-glazed floor panels. The GPX FireFloor System was tested with a load of 100 psf to meet most loading requirements. It is available with load spans up to 50 feet, and additional engineering can be done for longer spans. The GPX FireFloor System can be used in both interior & exterior applications with multiple glass make-ups and frame finishes.

“With glass floors becoming a popular design feature, we wanted to provide a solution that maximizes the amount of daylight penetrating between fire resistive floors by offering the large clear view areas and minimal framing,” says William O’Keeffe, President and CEO of SAFTI FIRST®. “We also wanted to make a product that was cutting-edge over any fire rated glass floor system, both in size and ease of installation, and required no ongoing maintenance. We achieved this with the GPX FireFloor System.”

The GPX FireFloor System is a single glass unit comprised of custom SuperLite II-XL combined with a tempered laminated non-slip walking surface and a fire resistive rated structural steel framing grid. Both components of this system are manufactured and provided by SAFTI FIRST® from its Merced, CA facility.

The fire resistive rated structural steel framing grid is shipped pre-fabricated and in sections for easier field installation. This unique system design allows the installer to set the structural frame and load each glass panel from the top. Current fire resistive glass-floor systems imported from overseas are installed by setting the structural frame first, and then separate installations for the walking surface, which is loaded from the top, and the fire resistive glass, which is installed from the bottom. Because the GPX FireFloor System is shipped pre-fabricated and completely top-loaded, the installation process is easier and faster, resulting to more savings.

Having the walkable surface and the fire resistive glazing sealed together as a single glass unit eliminates condensation issues and makes the GPX FireFloor System virtually maintenance-free. Other fire resistive glass-floor systems have as much as a 10” airspace between the walkable surface and the fire resistive glazing, and requires the use of desiccant bags to combat condensation, which would have to be replaced over time.

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SAFTI FIRST® Fire Rated Glazing Solutions ( has been serving the architectural and building communities and is the recognized leader in manufacturing fire rated glass and framing for over 35 years. As the premier source for fire rated glazing, SAFTI FIRST®was the first to introduce transparent fire rated walls to the U.S. market. Our SuperLite™ product line, fire rated from 20 minutes to 3 hours, includes fire resistive tempered units (SuperLite II-XL and SuperLite II-XLB), fire resistive multilaminates (SuperLite II-XLM), fire resistive security glazing (SuperSecure II-XLS), specialty tempered glass (SuperLite I and I-XL), safety ceramics (PYRAN Platinum F and L by SAFTI FIRST®), safety wired glass (SuperLite I-W) and specialty fire protective (SuperLite X-45/60/90). SuperLite products can protect against noise, attack, impact, bullets, blast, hurricane and UV rays, and are available in many custom architectural make-ups, including butt-glazed and enhanced energy performance applications. GPX Framing is fire rated up to 2 hours and can be used in doors, openings, storefronts, curtain wall and floor applications and available in multiple architectural finishes. GPX Framing can also be customized protect against attack, impact, bullets, blast and hurricane. Our products are manufactured in the U.S. for fast lead times. For more information, call 888.653.3333.

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