The Future is Bright
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The Future is Bright

ByBill O'Keeffe
| August 30, 2021

In my last blog, I expressed my optimism for the construction industry’s road to recovery. The Architectural Billings Index is strong, and we are seeing a return to in-person tradeshows, conferences, and other industry events. While we still have some challenges along the way, particularly with supply chain interruptions, and fulfilling pent-up demand for materials, my optimism is still undeterred. In fact, it remains strong that we will all come out of this better than before.

I am confident that glass, with its ability to provide vision and transparency, will continue to be a popular building material. Coupled with the many innovations that we are seeing with this product in terms of thermal performance, security, safety, resiliency, decorative options, and more, we are going to continue to see a demand for high performance glazing in various applications.

As you know, our company, SAFTI FIRST, has invested millions of dollars in new facilities and automated equipment to ensure that architects, contractors and owners have a single-source, USA-manufacturer of advanced fire rated glazing and framing systems. Our investments in new automated equipment, which include two Glaston tempering ovens, two Bystronic TPS machines, a Bromer motorized glass shuttle drawer system, Hegla glass cutting systems, automated sanders and welders, in-house painting, and more ensures that we can have the best lead times and most competitive prices while maintaining high product quality. As the only vertically-integrated USA-manufacturer of advanced fire rated glass, entrances and framing systems, having all these capabilities in house is a unique benefit that only SAFTI FIRST can offer compared to other fire rated glass and framing distributors that import their products from overseas. Click the image above to play a short video for an inside look of our manufacturing facilities in Merced, California.

In addition to what we already have in place, we are also investing in a Pujol laminating line, which will enable us to supply high-performance laminated glazing for use in security applications such as ballistic, hurricane, bomb blast, forced entry, and more. We will also to be able to fabricate decorative glass, walking surfaces for glass floors, and other specialty applications.

Pujol Laminating Line

The new Pujol line will allow us to meet the demand for greater security glazing for schools, hospitals, offices, retail spaces, government buildings, and other areas susceptible to damage through breakage, vandalism, bullets, bomb blast, hurricanes and other man-made or environmental threats.

The new Pujol line will also help architects and interior designers express their artistic side in various decorative glass installations, including glass dividers, windows, walls, doors, skylights, floors and more. Decorative glass enhances the décor of any space while helping to diffuse glare, bring natural light, provide additional protection or filter out outside noise. It is currently used extensively in both commercial and residential applications, and we anticipate the demand for decorative glass to increase – and we will be able to provide a USA-made product to meet this. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from SAFTI FIRST!