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GPX Vision Kits by SAFTI FIRST

20-90 minute Vision Kit by SAFTI FIRST


Material: 20 gauge steel.
Fire Rating: 20-90 minutes
Construction: 2" trim trim, miltered and welded. Continuous glass retainer, mounting holes in the bevel on non-corridor side
Fasteners: #8 x 32 – 1-½” flat head philips
Finishes: Primed for field paint or Coraflon finishes by PPG. Custom finishes available upon request (check with SAFTI FIRST).
Glass: Can be used with SuperLite I, SuperClear 45-HS, SuperClear 45-HS-LI, SuperLite X-45/60/90, SuperLite II-XL 45, SuperLite II-XL 60 and SuperLite II-XL 90.

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